This is the Unix Acronym List, a collection of explanations of frequently-used acronyms in the computer world, especially in the Unix part thereof.

Please note that the purpose of this list is to explain what the letters of acronyms stand for, not to explain the acronyms themselves. So, for example, it tells that AIX stands for Advanced Interactive Executive, but not that AIX is the IBM flavour of Unix.

The list does not include words with obvious meanings that are not abbreviations, like basename or sort; it does, however, include words that are not abbreviations but whose meanings are not obvious, like Unix or Java. Question marks indicate guesses.

The List is organized into the following sections:

ASCII Characters
C Header Files
C Functions and System Calls
Communications Protocols/TCP Services
Environment Variables
File Formats
File Name Extensions
HTML Tags and Escapes
Internet Top Level Domains
Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Shell Built-Ins
Unix Commands
Unix Signals
Unix Special Files
The Complete List

The complete list currently contains 479 items.

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